Open today on June 1, 2020, you can find beautiful fish varieties including fresh and saltwater, or a large crocodile pond. As for the story and the details of the appeal, We’re going to have to watch it!

Bueng Chawak A paradise of the underwater world

When thinking of tourist attractions near Bangkok, think of us Bueng Chawak Aquarium in honor of His Majesty. Suphanburi Province Experience a huge underwater world that can be closely touched and encountered with a variety of fish species both domestically and internationally Along with visiting Thailand's first freshwater fish tunnel and seeing the tallest cylindrical fish tank in Thailand here only

1st Aquatic Exhibition Building
2st Aquatic Exhibition Building
3rd Aquatic Exhibition Building
Freshwater Crocodile Pond

Watch divers' fish feeding activities

We have a wide variety of fish species on display both at home and abroad. You will enjoy and have fun with fish feeding activities by divers. where you can participate and Get up close and personal with the fish on display both you and your family will receive both happiness and knowledge at the same time with automatic tour guide service via mobile application We will provide you with information about our interesting fish species throughout your visit.

Adventures in the Underwater World

Come and explore the underwater world. through a giant diagonal tunnel Thailand's first that will take everyone to dive into the spectacular underwater world Surrounded by various fish species Experience the atmosphere of the underwater world in a realistic and exciting way with the atmosphere under the sea around you. as if you were diving to explore the underwater world


Invite you to apply for a painting contest at Bueng Chawak, Suphanburi.
You are invited to apply for a drawing contest. Invite you to apply for a painting contest at Bueng...

Buengchawak Connect App

An application used for tourism to the Bueng Chawak Aquarium in honor of His Majesty the King. receive information And as a help in navigating for you to be convenient and enjoyable in your travels

Thoughts...tell each other.

The atmosphere is very good. It is a place where students and foreign tourists from Thailand can see many kinds of aquatic animals. The place is clean, tidy, enjoy and gain knowledge.

Morakot Kessakorn

Bueng Chawak Aquarium in honor of His Majesty the King Very beautiful, spacious, like a lot, children come to visit here, there are beauty of different types of fish, fun, gaining knowledge, must come back for sure.

Pook Sornnatwanun

The atmosphere is very good. have seen many kinds of aquatic animals that are not our home animals I had the opportunity to bring my grandchildren.

Anantarat Num

Morakot KessakornPook SornnatwanunAnantarat Num