Inside the Bueng Chawak Aquarium
Organized activities for tourists to join in the fun and adventure in the underwater world. which has many interesting activities

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The atmosphere is very good. It is a place where students and foreign tourists from Thailand can see many kinds of aquatic animals. The place is clean, tidy, enjoy and gain knowledge.

Morakot Kessakorn

Bueng Chawak Aquarium in honor of His Majesty the King Very beautiful, spacious, like a lot, children come to visit here, there are beauty of different types of fish, fun, gaining knowledge, must come back for sure.

Pook Sornnatwanun

The atmosphere is very good. have seen many kinds of aquatic animals that are not our home animals I had the opportunity to bring my grandchildren.

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Morakot KessakornPook SornnatwanunAnantarat Num

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